Meet The Roaster

Hey there! I’m Kye, the roaster behind this small biz. I wanted to share a bit about my journey with you.

How did I get into coffee roasting?!

When Laura (my wife) and I lived in Charlotte, in 2016, we met a coffee roaster and did a tour of their facility because he was trying to sell her company a coffee machine and beans. I was instantly amazed at the process. Prior to this, Laura and I would drink coffee maybe once a month because we never found anything that we loved the taste of.

After that tour, I always thought it would be awesome to be able to roast my own coffee but never really looked into how that worked and was just happy purchasing coffee from them. Their coffee was delicious and turned us into “coffee snobs” quickly! Ask any of our family members. 😆

But, I’m a person that likes to understand things and try new things so I started researching everything about coffee and all the different varieties of beans and roasting & brewing techniques.

Fast forward to 2020, while sitting at home during covid with no sporting events to watch on tv, I started researching roasters and how the process works. Laura encouraged me to chase my passion of coffee, so I bought my first roaster, a small but mighty thing!

I never really planned to grow this into a business, but here we are! My plans were to simply roast for us but I had a lot of interest from friends and neighbors after my first few roasts so I figured, why not sell it?! People who have purchased have given me such great feedback, so thank you for that!

We're excited for you to try some specialty beans and turn into coffee snobs like us! You won’t regret it!